When faced with water leaks in walls, it is crucial to identify the source and address it promptly. We provide professional assistance to locate hidden leaks and repair any damaged pipes or plumbing fixtures. Additionally, sealing cracks, applying waterproof coatings, and ensuring proper insulation can help prevent future leaks.

The Culprit: Roof Leaks and Wall Flashing

Often, when we think of leaks, we imagine water dripping from the ceiling. However, leaks on the wall are common issue, and they are often connected to a less visible source: the roof. In many cases, a roof leak is the root cause of wall leaks, and these leaks often arise from problems with the wall flashing. In this article, we will explore how roof leaks can lead to wall leaks and why it is crucial to repair wall flashing to prevent such issues.

Understanding Wall Flashing

Wall flashing is a critical component of a building’s envelope system, designed to prevent water infiltration at vulnerable points where the roof and walls meet. It is typically made of metal or other waterproof materials. Roofers install Wall Flashing at junctions like roof-to-wall intersections, chimneys, and other wall penetrations. The primary purpose of wall flashing is to direct rainwater away from the building and protect it from moisture intrusion.

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